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Romancing the stone They're oh so gauche, i would sniff in my best hippie snit, and what's the point of being so outrageously ostentatious with self-Adornment when the norwegians are out killing whales. By that i meant:I'll never have a decent diamond because i can't afford one.And because i apparently choose jewelry-Challenged partners who prefer to spend their money on other things.Like motorcycles.And the mortgage. But now, now that i'm so much older, and thus so much wiser, things are different on the diamond front. Turns out i love diamonds. Yeah, yeah, i'm late to the dance, and the rest of you already know that diamonds are the rocks of ages, the penultimate symbol of eternal love and romance and commitment Tiffany Rings UK and a shared past, present and future with the love of your life. Whatever. For some of us, Tiffany Pendants Sale the single gals, who have lived through a diamond ring drought inside and outside of marriage, it's a little more prurient than that. It's bling, baby.We need diamonds.Want diamonds.Gotta have diamonds. We also have a little more discretionary income than we once did, and if we waited for a diamond-Savvy man to come into our lives, someone who isn't our brother, well, you know, we'll be dead by then. The object of my affection, gem-Wise, is the tiffany round cut, 58-Facet, six-Claw solitaire in the platinum setting, three or four carats worth, if you please. Not that i know what a facet is.Or a carat, really, for that matter, beyond that it signifies weight, thus the more carats the better. I slipped on my dreamboat at the tiffany store on fifth avenue in new york a few years back, and was so blindingly smitten with the $100, 000 us trinket that i promptly hiked on down to canal street and haggled for 20 minutes over a fake one, a dead ringer that, shined up, is so worth the $18 us because, trust me, even mr.Debeers couldn't tell the difference from 50 paces. Okay, maybe he could. So there's that, and the one other object of my diamond affections. That would be the shared-Prong eternity band, encrusted with diamonds all the way around, even though jewellers tsk, tsk when i ask for it, and say it's just a bother having those stones on the bottom of the ring because they snag on everything and you can't see them underneath, and why pay for diamonds you can't see.Because i want them, i say.And, by the way, mind your own business. Finding the perfect gownit's bridal fashion week in new york and we've got your sneak peak at the latest. Photos:Oscar de la renta gownsphotos:Badgley mischka gownsphotos:Monique lhuiller gownsphotos:Carolina herrera gownsphotos:Angel sanchez gowns Dream dressesdoes it feel like you've been to a thousand bridal boutiques and you've yet to find. View the galleryguess the celeb engagement rings! Married in colourever since sarah jessica parker wore that black wedding dress, brides have been. Grey cup goodieshungry for football, sports fans can also enjoy selected recipes just in time for canada's own gridiron competition this weekend, the 96th grey cup on sunday in montreal.

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