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Many richest jordans for sale athletes Entry to this year's forbes 400 requires net assets of $1 billion.Topping the list over again is microsoft founder bill gates worth $54 billion.The field of sports is well represented on the list with 45 members having at least minority stakes in major professional sports franchises, offering mark cuban, jerry jones and as well stan kroenke(All three rank in top rated 200 with net worths north of $2 billion). Then why not the athletes?Not a one unless you want to count roger penske who raced cars trained for a short time 40 years ago before striking it rich with car dealerships(He's beneficial $1.4 million).We did look at some billionaires in the making in this challenge and two athletes, jordan and tiger woods, show up along with other people like movie producer jerry bruckheimer and musician jay z. We estimate that mj is worth $500 million because of years of cashing checks from nike(Jordan earned $90 million in total salary during his career with all the current bulls and wizards and another $750 million from sponsors).Jordan's net worth has a chance to reach ten figures because he is still highly paid for from nike(Woods and jordan are nike's two highest paid endorsers earning around $30 million and $50 million annually).Jordan earned $55 million overall in the past year which would have ranked third on our list of the highest paid athletes if he was still an active player.He also became most people owner of the charlotte bobcats this year.The c's has $150 million in debt which jordan assumed, but he obtained his 80% stake in they at a cut rate price.If he can turn the operation around and increase its value, jordan can reach billionaire reputation. Woods as we've discussed in the past is the first athlete to earn more than $1 billion cumulatively in his career.Guidebook irs, his agents and famously his ex wife, elin, necessary taken their share.We estimate woods is worth $500 million at this moment.He still pulls in higher than $70 million annually off the course from endorsements, appearance fees and his greens design business even with accenture, at and pepsico shedding off him.If woods can start winning again he'll be able to stay in and even increase his current annual earnings. Possible problem billionaire athlete is former los angeles lakers great magic johnson who by our count was worth $500 million last year in our look at the wealthiest black americans.Fridays and 24 hour well being and healthiness and personal trainer.Other athletes on that list included kobe bryant and shaquille o'neal with calculated net worths in the $140 million range.And what about lebron, who has stated his wish to be a billionaire?He didn't make the cut on last year's most prosperous black americans list(Shortened was $125 million), But with an income greater than $40 million annually his net worth is climbing quickly.As for billionaire recognition he has a long, long best route. I am a senior editor at forbes and focusmainly on the bosses of sports and our annual franchise valuations.I also spend a lot of my time digging into what athletes earn on and off the concept of play.I've profiled a good number of athletes that go by one name:Lebron james, shaq, danica among others.I also head up our biennial b school standings, our list of america's best small websites and our annual features on the best see results about jordans places for business(Metros, states and countries around the world).I joined forbes in 1998after working 3 years at consumer banking world magazine.

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