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A story of Pandora Sale UK women and astronomy A story of (click here) women and astronomy It one act play, on yesterday and Tonight, by The most talented siobhan nicolas at The burTon taylor, is a compelling and creative drama of women astronomers and Their place in The universe.It weaves TogeTher three interlock sTories:The neglected hisToric woman uranologist caroline herschel, who discovered 8 comets and devised huge catalogues;A clean woman scientist researching her predecessor, and her 18 year old daughter involved in The arab spring in her gap year.The unfolding drama of caroline amazing life is mirrored in The dilemmas faced by a up-To-The-Minute woman scientist as she tries to balance the www.idnetuk.co.uk pursuit of her passion and her duties as a wife and mother. A look at caroline herschel and her astonishing contribution to science is a revelation but it also emotionally gripping, if interwoven with the scientist cathy frantic worry about her daughter safety as she is swept along in world events.The fate of the characters is mirrored in the unfolding developments in the sky. The play is suitable to the intimacy of the burton taylor and one is swept up in the emotional roller coasters of the women separated by over two http://www.idnetuk.co.uk/pandora-beads.html centuries.But it also ponders profound questions on balancing family life and pursuit of one passion, our affair with the cosmos and how we live with constraints in any age.

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