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Angels great deals on shoes closer jordan walden looks to alter things up A goal for angels closer jordan walden this spring will be to improve a changeup he had very little confidence in and rarely threw last season, within the rookie right hander was jordan:http://www.skillya.net/ with a 2.98 earned run everyday, 32 preserves and 10 blown will save in 62 games. "I showed things of it last year, but i going to go a long way on getting a feel for it in spring cheap jordans shoes training games, walden told play by play man smith on saturday broadcast of angels talk. "Me plus[bullying coach mike butcher] have been engaged on that and my slider, Walden, one of snowboarding hardest throwers, a typical fastball velocity of 97.5 mph hang around season, But he offer leaned too heavily on his best pitch.Together with 1, 089 pitch he threw, 885, perhaps 81.3%, Received fastballs.He used 172 sliders(15.8%)In support of 32 changeups(2.9%). If he can polish his two off speed pitches until he can use them more regularly in games, opposing hitters would be unable to sit on his fastball as much.Get a hitter considering an off speed pitch, and walden can setback his fastball by him. "I still have a lot of understanding how to do, walden, 24, asserted,"But i think i have a way better idea of what it takes to be a closer at the major league level, There was heavy royal engagement the angels would sign a veteran closer during the off season, and these people were linked in rumors to heath bell, jones madson, francisco cordero and dude nathan. But new gm jerry dipoto maintained that he was not looking to replace walden, and he always been true to his word.All of the free agent closers signed in a different place, and with the exception a trade, walden begins season as the angels closer. "It significant, [company mike] scioscia and Air Jordan 1 everybody having that coolness in me, walden rumoured. "It a massive role, and i ready correctly,

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