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Abc message board Abc message board []"Words of wisdom, why does it make sense to divide the number of holes which has been dug and how much coal, and other natural finances have been dug out of those holes, [by which is heads in australia] /quote, It seems sensible, Because the royalties and taxes from these mines have to be used to provide a large amount of the hospitals, Avenues, Types, And other welfare for the massively more and Pandora Rings more international students, Cab driver's, Hair night stands etc. [That our evil property developers 'believe' means economic growth]"Offer?Why are we still measuring economic rise in terms of gdp. It's an over simplified measure to assume that just because more transactions are taking place in an economy Pandora Charms Sale the economy is actually enhancing the lives of those that live in it, gdp is part of trouble, [not the response] /quote. Bingo safely said.Who sale cares about gdp anyway and what's it all mean to us as those people?Do we get excited each and every that the gdp curve is on a trendy rise, i prefer a smaller gdp tweaking an excellent lifestyle without shortages of water, nourishment, electric power, intestinal prepaid free unwanted gas, minimal internet business conjestion. Lower fuel expenditures etc. Let's act together now and preserve and look after what little we have got left instead of spreading it thin over another 22 million people"In the years into the future the word"Development. Won't have deals on Pandora Jewelry relevance, it supposes that rock for growth will be available When in fact just another is the case, dick smith got pretty much 100% of his facts right, on the contrary, he only had a limited flow of them there's more Much.Basically australia's so called good political leadership is a lie, definitely, a fiction of degree, and has been for many years.When in fact we have held up by selling assets.The farm if you'd prefer. Capital sales to earn money as a country, these handed down endowments, specifically iron ore, are limited. Yet the mining industry line will constantly echo that we have hundreds of years these resources in your yard.Rubbish of the first order when one appreciates that australians have control of less than 20% of the total mining game in their own country it's wise:For instance, minerals are a magic pudding supply They never expired, since that everywhere resource, the form of golf club ore.Is topic.Geoscience australia might be a starting point for number crunching

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