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Are these air nike air nike test sites legit 1)Contribution options, do consist of western union, moneygram, paypal and bank exchange?Some scam sites will accept charge cards but most prefer those 4 options which are anonymous for the scammer to pick up the cash and disappear. Western union and moneygram do not verify anything on the shape the sender fills out, not title, not the home address, not the particular, not even the gender of the beneficiary, it all means not much.The clerk will not bother to check id and only will hand off your cash to whomever walks in the door with the mtcn and question/answer.Neither company will inform the sender who picked up the cash, at what store location or even in what country your money walked out of the door.Neither company has any variety of refund cheap jordans shoes for sale policy, money sent is money gone quite some time. Paypal can only get a refund if there is money left in the scammer paypal linked bank account.Scammers know this and will specifically withdrawal your money and disappear.No money in the scammer paypal linked bank account means absolutely no probability of refund for you. Your bank can only get a refund if there is money left in the scammer bank account.Scammers know this and will immediately withdrawal the money you transported.No money in the account means absolutely no possibility of you getting your hard earned dollars back. 2)Contact alternative, is it a free current email address contact information such as gmail, hotmail or search engines?Which can be a chat box?Scam sites will rarely list a phone number or home address. Scammers love to create free emails and rarely will use a paid server.Email is easy to ignore and block and free emails are easy to open and close completely anonymously.Chat requests are really easy to block via ip address. 3)Delivering options, do you actually get to find the option at check out?Fake sites will most likely say"Free freight"And after that"Tricky numbers emailed"And yet, if they ship some thing, will use the mailbox, down market, slow and no bank number needed. Fake sites will most likely show icons for ups, shoes:http://www.skillya.net/ fedex, dhl and tnt but then at go and visit will"Send"With ems, the chinese tn two.If they give a"Pursuing number"Good luck getting results on the ems website.You will have even more luck trying to contact ems when your tracking stops and your"Guide"Is lost in a place. 4)The icons at the foot of the page, are simply copy/pasted pictures or Air Jordan 9 links to actual sites? Fake sites typically have icons for verisign, mcafee, paypal and other programs at the bottom of the home page.Those might be live links to that company website.Fake sites can risk linking to real sites so they simply use badly copied pictures instead. Whenever on your guard or just plain curious, google all the details, website looks into, people like used, companies brought up, cellular phone given, all emails, even partial sentences from the emails as you most likely are unpleasantly surprised at what you find already posted online.You can also post/ask here and every scam warner anti fraud busting site you can find before you take a chance and losing money to a scammer. There are scam busting sites with internet lists of the names scammers use, thier emails, stock copy/paste postings, paid for in cash cell numbers, stolen pictures and fake webpages they use.You could start your search at those types of sites.

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