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Articles about nuclear proliferation Articles about nuclear proliferation Us strikes a 'khan for iran' come across pak Pandora Jewelry Sale Thinking about receiving 18, 2005 chidanand rajghatta, tnn Arizona:Pakistan and state have struck a"Khan regarding iran"Arrangement.According to well known undercover journalist seymour hersh, washington has agreed to wink at pakistan's nuclear transgressions and spare its nuclear proliferator a q khan to acquire islamabad's cooperation in neutralizing iran's nuclear program. Us on a Pandora Necklace Sale daily basis flays bush for praising mush December 8, 2004 http://www.ccfcm.com/pandora-beads.html pti New york:The world's worst nuclear expansion emanating from pakistan was not possible without support from its military, in a leading us daily, which flayed president bush for praising pervez musharraf during his recent go here.Officials of the iaea on thursday publicly rebutted musharraf's claim in a tv for pc interview last week that"Nobody"Had asked to question khan in connection with the spread of nuclear materials and technology. "We weren't allowed by pakistan to talk to the man, mohammed el baradei, the director general of the agency said in a bbc occupation employment meet aired on thursday.'Problems with Musharraf but US demands him' September 26, 2004 pti Oregon:Mentioning the dilemma facing us policymakers, vice chairman of the 9/11 fees lee hamilton has said while us had"Complaints"With pakistan chief executive musharraf on issues of terrorism, nuclear spreading and lack of democracy, it needed his sustain for the war on terror. "A final nightmare(Near pakistan)Is for an islamic radical government to find a nuclear weapon, and that can be performed in pakistan today, he was quoted saying. "We have a lot of difficulty mush arraf?Us eager to bolster ties with india New york:Building on the progress in relations in the last many years, the nation has said it wants to continue strengthening its ties with india and said the next step in strategic partnership is to be able to"Help or come"In civilian nuclear work.

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